IMG_1413Andrew Savona – Hatfield Ice Dogs







Troy’s “grill ” was caused while he and his brother were shooting pucks in the driveway.  This shows the intensity with which Troy plays whether on the ice during a game, at practice, and even with his shooting pad taking shots in the driveway at home.  Drive by our home any day and you will see him outside running with his parachute behind him, working ladder drills,  and shooting hundreds of pucks a day!   Troy plays for the Hatfield Ice Dogs as a Midget 16 AA player and while only in his third year as a travel player, has found his true passion on the ice.


9 year old Aydan Humphrey locks up grill of the month with a few zippers above his eye and his rugged smile. Aydan currently plays for the Delaware Ducks squirt B team and is a hard nosed hard, working up and coming hockey player. Keep up the good work Ayden!

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